Sunday, July 11, 2010

i heart geeks

photo via, and amazon

Dad is getting a 46" TV claiming it's a gift to mum and I. Well, we know who is going to be the biggest beneficia, not me. I rather have a new gadget over a tv I don't use.

1. macbook pro
Sick of having a bulky window desktop in my tiny room. After trying my boyfriend's new macbook, the track pad is simply amazing. Since I travel often, my current macbook has developed a few cracks. Apple computer all the way.

2. Vinyl Decals
Since I am not getting a new laptop anytime soon, a little decor could spice things up.
The OG snow white sticker is bad.

3. Leica
I am no gadget freak. I don't lust over trends like new phones or gadgets, but I do need a new camera. My 2 year old samsung got accidentally stepped on by me. The bling out olympus was dropped numerous time or even got thrown like a baseball, hence it is no longer flamboyant. This pocket size DC is perfect without compromising for quality photos, except the price makes me grasp.

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  1. y is ur dad getting a tv after world cup?? lol.... leica camera...sweet!! u kill ur cameras pretty quickly...