Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mickey, you are fine !!!

gangsta minnie from Hellz Bellz via google image

Took a few photos by myself yesterday for my business. (more like I'm selling clothing on e-bay or etsy)
昨日拍了數張照片, 為自己的e-bay 生意作一些服裝配襯. (衣服悄後会放上e-bay 或etsy 發售)

I resided in LA after graduation, my style is highly influenced by its positive culture, which is be eco-friendly and healthy. 
LA people love vintage. Our weekend activities usually consist of visiting flea market and having an organic meal after. I still remember the day I ran into designer Jeremy Scott at Melrose Trading Post, we both love vintage leather boots hunting. Sadly, I didn't ask him for a photo.
所以洛杉磯人甚喜愛古着, 週未活動定必是到跳蚤市場尋寶, 然後去吃一份有機午餐。
還記得那次在Melrose Trading Post 巧遇 designer Jeremy Scott, 原來我們二人也愛到那古着皮鞋店.

This look is similar to Jeremy's funky style, though they are all vintage.
hat: vintage, sheer top: vintage, bikini top: h&m, Mickey Mouse cutoffs: vintage

I miss my days in LA, I could be real, be myself.
Items will be selling online later, please support.

這裡一身打扮甚有Jeremy 的古怪影子, 但全是古着.
帽子:古着, 仿雪紡上衣:古着, 比堅尼: h&m, 米奇牛仔短褲: 古着加以改工

真怀念在LA無拘無束, 忠於自我的日子.
留意小妹日後把它放上網賣, 請多支持.

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