Wednesday, October 17, 2012

my belongings to Cologne Germany

I don't mind packing, as long as I can bring a reasonable size luggage and not being judged. Going for a short or long distant trip, doesn't have a big difference. Us girls still have to bring the same amount of cosmetic and skin care products. For my 5 day trip to Germany, I have quite a lot of belongings, here are what I brought.

my footwear:
Steve Madden sandals for my 10 hour flight
Jeffrey Campbell wedge sneakers for lunch and walk around in the city.
Pour la Victoire high heels for the party, a pair of black high heels go with almost everything.

my bags:
yes, I sort of went overboard, but they all have their own little purpose.
LV shoulder bag for flight, to hold all the magazines, eye mask and pillow.
COS clutch for cocktail event.
vintage Chanel flap bag for dinner or any fashion emergency.
Celine cabas tote bag is the perfect travel bag, it's light and hold a lot of my misc. items.

the details:
not wearing any accessories make me feel naked, feel like something (or a whole lot )is missing, so the more accessories the better.

(clockwise) cath kitson, burton, vera bradly, mary kay, no brand

Sorry, I do not have a photo of my dirty travel bag.
Make up bag usually take up the most space. I have been using travel bag with hanger for as long as I can remember. I love how I can just zip it up and have all the products ready in just a second. It's perfect for a last minute road trip.
Not only the little inside pockets help me organize and keep everything in place. The most important thing is I can just hang the bag in bathroom. Everything would come in handy when I put on make-up in front of the big mirror in the bathroom.

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