Monday, January 7, 2013

diy leather tassel

I love attending Monki's fashion preview, they are always so thoughtful and arrange diy workshop on site. Last month, for the SS13 preview, there was this leather tassel workshop.

jacket: silence & noise @ urban outfitters, dress: COS, bag: coach, cap: monki, shoes: jeffrey campbell

First, choose 2 pieces of leather, and draw a line on the back, approximately 1 inch.

Start cutting, and making strips. Thick or thin strips according to your preference, but mine is about 0.5 cm, which is one square. 
tips: use a cutting mat for measurement, it makes thing so much easier.

when you are done with cutting both pieces, hammer a grommet to attach the strap.

Now you are almost there, all you have to do is dap some glue on the uncut part and roll it up.

Voila ! You can now use your handmade leather tassel to decorate your bag. Or be creative!
To my surprise, the tassel I picked randomly, matches the Monki leather pouch I got last year. This would make a perfect birthday gift.

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  1. Cool!! I looove tassels...need to try this sometime.