Wednesday, August 8, 2012

diy team usa friendship bracelet

found these left over embroidery floss from my grade school period at home the other days.
curious how my friendship bracelet looks like?

created my own diy cutting board with cutting mat and a big silver clip.
this time I am going to make a red white and blue bracelet inspired by the olympics.

to get the ideal width, I decided to have 12 embroidery floss and each one is about 30 inches long.

I divided the 12 flosses into 2 groups, and each of them contains 6 flosses.
1st group from left to right, is in the order of red, white, blue, red white and blue.
2nd group from right to left would be arranged in red, white, blue, red white and blue as well.
Hence, it would become a mirror image.

1st group would be making in a regular "4" knot.

  2nd group would be making a reversed "4" knot, so the strip would be going inward.

 when the red floss from both groups are finished, it would look like this.
forming a "V" shape.
repeat the above steps you will begin to see a pattern.

when you get the ideal length, simply tie and knot and braid the remaining floss.
you can also decorate your bracelet and add a little personal style.
for me, I sew a silver crystal plate on top of the bracelet to give it a little shine.
Viola! here is my bracelet, and I love to stack it with other fun colorful ones.

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