Monday, February 11, 2013

instagram recap: Chinese New Year

Last work day in the year of dragon. Starbucks Asia exclusive Hojicha coffee, my new fav,  give me more energy to do all the errands.

beanie & sweater: h&m,  jeans: kusbi, shoes: jack purcell

February 10 is the first day of Chinese New Year, goodbye Year of Dragon and hello Year of snake. Here in Hong Kong, we have an one week holiday, to hang out with relatives. Young ones greet the seniors for red envelopes. My family isn't that traditional, so we just eat and chillax. Time for me to start my new year resolution again, since it didn't really work out on January 1st. 
Read more, Exercise more, be a better me !

Snake print shirts for year of snake, ha.

Happy Chinese New Year! 
Wish you good health and good wealth!


  1. I just love your style in the first two pictures. Simple but stylish:)

    1. Thank you Stephanie, keep blogging =)

  2. Just lovely! =)
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