Sunday, March 10, 2013

diy fortune cookies

March 14th is the Asian Valentine's day, we call it White Valentine's day. 
You have to return the flavor to the person who open up to you on February 14th. 

My boyfriend's birthday is coming up soon as well, so I will be sending him a care package. 
To make the package more personal, I like to make him some arts and crafts. 
Last year, I made him the Doodle Jump toy set, this time, I will be making fortune cookie with felt.
This would be the perfect Valentine's day or birthday gift. 

cut felt into circle and glue wire in the center. 

 glue ribbon on top to cover the wire.

write sweet personal message on a white ribbon.

 sew your felt together, leaving the ends open.

insert your message ribbon. bend the wire. 
viola! handmade, non-edible fortune cookie is "baked" ! 

To make a box for the fortune cookie, find your desire take out box template online. 
Print the template on a piece of scrap paper, then place it on top of the colored paper.
keep them in place with clips and cut it with a cutter and ruler.
tips: trace the folding lines with a scissor, it will be easier to fold.

personalize your take out box.

glue the sides together.

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