Monday, March 18, 2013

summer uniform

tee: adidas original, sneakers: adidas zx, skirt: wet seal, clutch: kate spade, shades: ports

Did another shooting for few weeks ago, my task was to style 3 outfits with adidas original products. 

For the first outfit, I simply pair a body conscious bandage skirt with an adidas original t-shirt and their newest zx sneaker. 

Edward isn't too excited for me, he says I pretty much dress like this everyday, not like I'm doing anything special for the shoot. Can't wait till the whole project hits the newsstand in Hong Kong next week, I am going to send him a copy and surprise him.

Other than cut-off denim, body conscious skirt is also my most worn item. It's prefect for the hot summer days, perfect for parties, you just can't go wrong with it.

Just find this interesting. I am slowly getting used to the attention I receive when I take my photos.


  1. really nice! you look quite chic!:) also in a casual outfit

    1. Thank you Claire.
      I like your site, you have some really cool outfit ideas. =)

  2. Wow I love this outfit. Very bright and cheery and reminds me of Spring! Lovely! <3

  3. Hey Jens! Okay..I've been absolutely loving your blog lately, so I decided to nominate YOU for the "Liebster Award"! Congrats girl! All the info and such are on my blog here:

    Have a great day! <3


  4. Hello!I like YOUR BLOG!And lovely skirt!I'm your new follower!!!Please check my blog !I'll be waiting for you!

  5. so cute! from the skirt to the clutch even the kicks are fun! great look :)

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